SUSI Open for Renewals and Holiday Earnings

April 13, 2023

SUSI is open for current grant holders. This means if you currently have a SUSI grant and you will be continuing and progressing on the same course in academic year 2023/24, you should make a grant renewal application to find out if you are eligible to continue to receive SUSI support for 2023/23. The priority closing date for grant renewal applications is 8th June 2023.

SUSI does take into consideration your earnings over the year and treats this as income with the exception of earnings over holiday periods. You can earn up to €6,552 during the holiday periods (Easter, Summer and Christmas) and these earnings are exempted. This means that students who earn during term time might see their SUSI affected by their earnings, while students who earn during non-term time won't see their earnings affect their SUSI at all.

The reality is that many students have to work during term time, but it's important, where possible, to prioritise being a student, your learning and the social aspects of college. Part-time jobs, though they might be necessary, can have a negative impact while being a student. SUSI is incentivising working or working more out of term time and whether you worked all throughout the year or just out of term it's important to submit the Holidays Earning Form to ensure you get the maximum level of support you deserve from SUSI.


If you worked over the Easter, Summer or Christmas period last year (2022/23) and you are continuing your studies in 2023/23 you should download and complete the Holiday Earnings Form from SUSI

Holiday Earnings Form (

You must have your employer complete the form and ensure they sign and stamp the form before submitting it to SUSI. Remember the priority closing date for renewal applications is 8th June 2023.

If you or your employer have any questions you can get in touch with BITE or call SUSI directly on 0818 888 777

Important notes:

If you are repeating a year on the same course, you will not be eligible for grant funding unless there are exceptional circumstances so make sure to talk with SUSI if you are repeating.

If you are starting a new course or changing course in 2023/24 you should make a new grant application. New grant applications open on the 13th April 2023 and the priority closing date for new grant applications is 6th July 2023.

SUSI will email students who were awarded a grant in academic year 2022/23 to let them know if by their records indicate they should make a new or a renewal application. If you have not received an email from SUSI regarding your grant renewal email them on

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